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"...as radio ready as anything that comes out of this city. In fact, it's hard to imagine a label not being able to turn "You Gave Up on Me" into a hit."
Feature // "White Like Fire Comes Back Strong" // Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"...they sure do make heartbreak, feeling lost in life, loneliness, and those darker times sound so damn cool... You'll be captivated by catchy and relatable songwriting, harmononizing pop vocals, stomping drums, hands claps that you'll join in with, wild guitars... lead vocals that make you smile and feel every emotion that he's conveying, high-pitched, growling soulful rock shout... All of the songs are top notch."
Album Review // Crayon Beats // NY and AZ

"The Pittsburgh Rock Outfit White Like Fire gather a hurricane of artists, dancers, college students, photographers, and film professionals for their video to Crimson."
Crimson Video Premiere // PopMatters

"... imagine you’re in a town like Pittsburgh and you start a band that not only fares well locally, but then has a song that’s associated with the Pirates? The guys of White Like Fire don’t have to imagine, because it’s their reality."
Get Enlightened with White Like Fire // Golden Mixtape

"The headliner of the night was quintet White Like Fire, whose stunning harmonies filled the room with palpable pleasure."
The Cut Magazine // Pittsburgh

"“Wait the Night Out,” a polished collection of 6 sophisticated tracks that saw the band grow dramatically with their sound, inspiration and appearance... the EP is a pop masterpiece with a music video to match."
White Like Fire Brings Fire Back To Pittsburgh // Sound Scene Express // Pittsburgh

"It’s soulful, crescendoing, American-style Rock that is that is tempered in the same fires as it’s classic rock ancestors, and quenched with the personality of Appalachia-infused Americana. And when the song overtakes that last peak and reaches it’s full froth, it’s as good and as exciting as anything else within shouting distance of the sub-genre has to offer. The band self-released their Wait the Night Out EP on April 21st, although if they continue to craft songs like this they won’t have to self-release their albums for much longer."
Required Listening // Striker Bill

"Catchy as f*ck tunes with emotional tinges crisping the edges of greatly executed and interesting arrangements. Not emotional in the “emo” sense of the word, emotional in the way that it grabs you and leaves a mark, but you are having fun and smiling while feeling these perhaps slightly deeper and more poignant emotions. Its good man, real good."
Video Review // Red Line Roots // Boston

"The set was non-stop energy from start to finish... Clawson ventured out into the audience, several times, even playing part of his section of the song while crowd surfing."
The Slate // Shippensburg University

"Pittsburgh indie rockers, White Like Fire are on fire so far in 2015..."
Sound Scene Express // Pittsburgh

"Emotionally tinged... I clicked play on their 'You Gave Up On Me' music video and was drawn in almost immediately."
Video Review // Crayon Beats // NY and AZ

"... an impressive introduction to the band that has the potential to launch them into a higher musical orbit."
Wildy's World // NY

"Wait the Night Out mixes tiny doses of twang into dancy rock songs, reel in Mumford-esque crescendos and even try on some soul revival. Lead vocalist Tyler Clawson has a thick, full-bodied, arena-ready voice that finds the middle ground between Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill and Phosphorescent's Matthew Houck."
Review // Pittsburgh City Paper

"'You Gave Up On Me' is a great example of what they do best... crafting emotionally melodramatic but endearing lyrics inside a song that is building to a really anthemic chorus and amazing third conclusion to the song. It's exciting, it's very tight... honed in on Kings of Leon vibe in their early years... " 
PopFilterCast // Pop City Media

"...unique sound that reminds me of Cage The Elephant..."
The Edge Radio // IN

"Watch the Pittsburgh group rock out amidst an appropriately red-let masquerade ball..."
Watch: White Like Fire // IndieU

"Bright guitars, vocals sound like a higher Kings of Leon, cool guitar riffs and piano work."
WHUS Radio // University of Connecticut

"White Like Fire creates a sound that stands out amongst today's typical indie rock."
Pittsburgh Music Magazine // Pittsburgh

"...the catchy rock quartet that isn’t quite rock n’ roll but definitely not straight on pop-rock has an infectious sound that is surely worth giving a listen or 10 to."
Red Line Roots // Boston

"Recorded with Kyle “Slick” Johnson, known for his work with Modest Mouse and the So So Glos, the album offers very little post production, which gives listeners a raw, robust sound they can easily dive into."
PA Music News // Pittsburgh

"Relive Pittsburgh's biggest music stories of 2014... White Like Fire, a Pittsburgh trio, beat out 7,000 other bands to win the SonicBids JanSport Battle of the Bands, giving the group seven showcases at SXSW and $5,000 in expenses."
Pittsburgh Post Gazette // Pittsburgh

"...kinetic performances that have been the stuff of Pittsburgh legend..."
City Paper // Pittsburgh

"Without any question, Pittsburgh quartet White Like Fire shows their ability to churn out hits while incorporating intelligent songwriting sprinkled with moments of virtuostic instrumentation... Phoenix-esque guitar styling’s blended with the energy of the Irish powerhouse Two Door Cinema Club ...anthemic crowdpleasers while maintaining a strong sense of artistic integrity..."
Impose Magazine // NYC

"It's easy to see how White Like Fire took the prize as the three guys look the part and come at you with waves of hooks and a catchy sound you can file with early MGMT..."
Post Gazette // Pittsburgh

"...punk vibe over a dance beat... White Like Fire is pissed and wants to party."
South By Steel City // SXSW Austin/Pittsburgh

Daytrotter Session Live

"...their beginnings lie in the South Oakland house party scene...blending catchy riffs with a DIY pop sensibility... positioned themselves to do quite well both here and beyond."
Nak You Out // Pittsburgh

White Like Fire, CMJ Mixtape

"insightful songwriting... it's no wonder that the band has been gaining so much momentum and snagging to-die-for performance opportunities such as CMJ and SXSW."
Spotlight // Sonicbids // Boston

"Relive Pittsburgh's biggest music stories of 2014"
Post Gazette // Pittsburgh

"Drunks picking fights, people stealing instruments, flooded basements, collapsing roofs, and sprinkler systems soaking the band mid-set were just a few of the stories that the guys shared with us."
Tape Swap Session // Bethlehem, PA

"Congrats to the JanSport Battle of the Bands Winner: White Like Fire"
SXSW 2014 // Sonicbids

"...at No. 5, an obscure Pittsburgh DIY rock quartet, White Like Fire, came within one ‘vote’ of The Strokes, thanks to single, “Dead People”..."
2013 Top Ten Songs Feature // Indie Rock Cafe // NYC

“…jumping and throwing itself around during a performance…— guitars and drum sticks flying in all directions. The infectiousness doesn’t just draw the listener in, but grabs them by the lapels and yanks them into the energetic world White Like Fire commands.”
The Pitt News // Pittsburgh

"...laser-honed, propulsive power-pop with infectious vocal harmonies and tightly wound guitar riffs..."
White Like Fire is ablaze with poppy hooks // Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"We’re simply convinced after listening to these tracks over and over again during the past few weeks that this band...[is] making great music that more people need to hear."
DIY Band to Watch Feature // Indie Rock Cafe // NYC

"Unlike a lot of shows in Pittsburgh, there is never a shortage of women when White Like Fire play..."
Preview: Oberhofer + White Like Fire // Pittsburgh Trestle

"...they’re going to be famous and make major impacts with their music, it’s only a matter of time. These guys have it."
Young Broke and Awesome

"...catchy as all get out, making good use of playful guitar riffs and vocals that just beg you to sing along. It's the sort of bouncy indie rock that makes you want to jump around."
MP3 Monday Feature // Pittsburgh City Paper // Pittsburgh

"We have had to throw down for each other in "altercations", paid for each other, shared sleeping bags, etc... our music sounds like our lives, living together, sleeping on couches in Oakland, trying to be creative and connect with people through raw emotion and rock 'n' roll."
Artist Spotlight // Pittsburgh Music Report

"Good songwriting... Nice stuff from a promising young band that's worth checking out."
"Lies EP" Review // Pittsburgh City Paper // Pittsburgh

"The Chariot in London. After the show my face was bleeding and I was missing my watch."
Hugh Shows // Pittsburgh

"...infectious indie/pop/rock currently turning a lot of heads in the Pittsburgh scene...designed for the crowd to be able to "let go"."
Solstice Coverage // Pittsburgh

""skinny tie music"... crisp guitar and urgent vocals..."
BandBook Blog

"White Like Fire release Lies Music Video"
Alt Sounds

"Whether they like it or not, most shows end with their audience rushing the stage."
White Like Fire are trying to make it

Featured Artist // BuzzChips // NYC