Shot "You Gave Up On Me" and "Crimson" music videos.
Played some ragers, including unique opps with Choo Jackson, PNC Park Pirates vs Mets, SoFarSounds, and MusikFest w/ Weezer; shouted from stages nationally.
Released "Wait The Night Out EP", recorded with Kyle "Slick" Johnson (Modest Mouse) and Jason Shaffer, picked up by The Planetary Group (Fitz and The Tantrums, OK GO), booked by TJO Presents.
And, oh yeah, Theme Song for MLB's Pittsburgh Pirates 2015 season televised nationally. (P.S. "Wait The Night Out" and "Apocalypstic" got some-more national tv mileage as part of the soundtrack to "Roadtrip Nation").

Toured nationally, including surviving SXSW and CMJ, opening for Oberhofer and other champs. Guest lists for Imagine Dragons, Madonna, Flaming Lips, Blondie, met Cake and Dan Reynolds.
Released "See How Far" video and the "Apocalypstic LP" garnering national press including CMJ Magazine.
Recorded at Daytrotter a set featured in Paste Magazine. Done got compd by Puma, Tom's Shoes, and Fader and sponsored by JanSport.

Hustled some more. Made more Friends. Played more shows. Fought off gear stealers. Slept on floors. Flooded basements. Set off fire alarms.
Released "Lies" EP and video.

Born. Hustled. Raised Money. Razed Shows.
Released "Desperate" video and "The White Like Fire EP".


Big love to everyone in ‪#‎Pittsburgh‬ ‪#‎Philadelphia‬ ‪#‎NYC‬ ‪#‎Shippensburg‬ and across the country who has been involved in performing, recording, booking, venue-ing, basementing, partying, fisticuffing, designing, driving, donating, sponsoring, icehawking, luthier-ing, floor-spacing, art-ing, pittsburgh-pirating, dancing, supporting, producing, lending gear, organizing, and promoting... And of course, to those of you that held cameras on us for four years while we hustled.
With love, Blake & Tyler

Under Covers // Tape Swap Session

Big love to our friends over at Tape Swap in Bethlehem PA for having us do a live show. Check out the full session >>HERE<<

"Drunks picking fights, people stealing instruments, flooded basements, collapsing roofs, and sprinkler systems soaking the band mid-set were just a few of the stories that the guys shared with us."

Here is a snippet of the sesh on viddie, UNDER COVERS


We love the Bucs, and we love Pizzaburgh Pistolvania. We are grateful for their love as well. We are stoked to be an official "opening theme" for the MLB Pittsburgh Pirates home series games on national television (including footage of the band) this year. We are also stoked to perform at PNC Park for the Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Mets. Go Bucs y'all. Photo Cred: Brennan Pierson