We are pleased to announce that White Like Fire will be partnering with The Planetary Group (elegant purveyors for the likes of OK Go and Fitz & The Tantrums) in Los Angeles for the release in April.


We are shooting a new music viddie for the upcoming album with the great Brennan Peirson and Bradley Atom... they are such pros.


Shout out to Jason Shaffer at Full Tilt Productions for putting up with our antics. The folks involved in producing this album are beyond talented y'all.


Y'all were awesome as per usual, 'twas bae


Big love to everyone who jammed with us at Stage AE. Also, mad backstage hoops were had.


Spendin' time spittin' rhymes with Kyle "Slick" Johnson (Modest Mouse, So So Glos, et al.) in Philadelphia, PA. Release date TBA, keep yer ears open. Also, guys, he has a Farfisa... Rad.

MUSIKFEST (with Weezer and others) + SonicBids Spotlight

MusikFest 2014 is bringing in the likes of WEEZER, THE AVETT BROTHERS, ZZ TOP, JASON DERULO, ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, and others. We are totes pumped to be playing there on 8/9, 11pm, @ TD Community Stage. Come-get-"cray"-if-yer-in-PA.

Also, check this out...

"insightful songwriting... it's no wonder that the band has been gaining so much momentum and snagging to-die-for performance opportunities such as CMJ and SXSW."
Spotlight // Sonicbids


Big love to Daytrotter sessions in lovely Rock Island, IL for showing us loving love. You can find our session -->here<--

May 2014 Tour

Built a bunk to make van-sleepage more awesome than it already is, and hit the road. NYC, Philly, MD, PGH, Chicago, DayTrotter, Columbus OH, and back to NYC for BK... Got plenty of pics of Joe straight grubbin'.

Apocalypstic Hath Dropped

SXSW 2014 Memoriessssss

Played six shows, pounded lots of bbq and parties, saw some serious Kurt Vile, Cloud Nothings, Gardens and Villa, met Dan Reynolds, no sleep, big love to Sonicbids and JanSport for sponsoring us in Austin, TX, big hugs to Julia Cook for the press coverage in Southby Steel City

Nerd Alert: Nashville

Totes nerding out in Nashvile en route to SXSW.

Johnny Cash's grave, Third Man Records to taste Jack White's brain, the O.G. Grand Ole' Opry, and punk #rockroll shows outside.

Tour Dudes

Shows in Philly, Pittsburgh, and Ship Pistolvania all went rad... playin' frisbone en route to Nashville.


SXSW is getting a full dosage of White Like Fire. Big thanks to all the support from our fans and friends. AMERIICCAAA!!!

SXSW Banner.jpg